Managing the Minutes

Farha Company Secretaries offer a rigorous, comprehensive range of services to support organisations from incorporation throughout their entire lifecycle to ensure efficient functioning and statutory compliance.

If you are a start-up or scale-up company, incubator or any corporate entity it is essential you manage your secretarial and fiduciary duties responsibly and transparently.

Our experts empowers you with access to our dedicated, full time team of Company Secretaries led by Nayesh Pitla FCG MBA BCom. An expert with over 25 years of experience and who is also a Fellow of the Institute of Governance.

What services do we offer?

  • Overseeing the day-to-day administration of the company, e.g. maintaining statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries.
  • Maintaining good shareholder relations and keeping the board informed on shareholders’ views, also if required assisting on board re-structuring and change management.
  • Developing and overseeing the systems that ensure that the company complies with all its legal and statutory requirements.
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking action accordingly.
  • Guiding the chairman and board on their responsibilities under the rules and regulations to which they are subject and on how those responsibilities should be discharged.
  • Supporting the chairman in ensuring the board functions efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensuring good information flows within the board and its committees and between senior management and non-executive directors, as well as facilitating induction and assisting with professional development as required.
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Our Clients benefit from:

  • An experienced, professional team to fully cover the role without the need for full-time staff, including the ability to cover all meetings and taking minutes professionally
  • Continuity, dedicated named resource
  • The elimination of management issues around recruitment or holidays as there is always cover
  • Reduced costs. Outsourcing can be cheaper than an in-house resource
  • Reduced Legal Fees
  • Access to modern day technology to make sure your governance and company secretarial needs are covered effectively

Company Formation and Administration

  • Electronic and printed certificate of incorporation
  • Electronic copy of the articles of association
  • Statutory registers
  • Issuing share certificates
  • Change of company’s accounting reference date
  • First Board minutes
  • Appointing additional Directors
  • Allotting further shares
  • Filing of annual accounts

Statutory Compliance

  • Preparation and filing of all applicable returns & confirmation statements
  • Filing of any statutory changes with the relevant regulatory authority
  • Maintenance of the company’s statutory registers
  • Reconstruction of Company Registers
  • Filing of annual accounts

Subsidiary Management

Increased merger and acquisition activity is making subsidiaries a more common part of the corporate structure in many industries. Subsidiaries can cause governance complications with additional, complex domestic and international regulations to keep abreast of and comply with.

All public companies are obliged to have a company secretary; following the 2006 companies Act, the post of company secretary became optional for private companies (unless their articles of association explicitly require them to have one). However, this does not make the role of company secretary any less vital for companies of all types and sizes.

We provide all of the required company secretarial services to manage your subsidiaries in accordance with each jurisdiction.

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