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Helping you with well-drafted, intelligence, robust commercial contracts.

Investing in well-drafted, intelligent, robust commercial contracts is key to a profitable business.  Our Commercial Contract Solicitors know how important it is to finalise agreements quickly and cost-effectively.  Our role is to ensure this is done right, with your best interests protected.

Our clients, whether at the startup stage or well-established, operate across borders, time zones, and cultures.  They trust us to swiftly narrow down the key issues and ensure any jurisdiction and cultural matters are considered and applied where necessary.

We can manage all the commercial agreements you need to grow your business, including:

- Supplier agreements.

- Distribution and agency agreements.

- Terms and conditions.

- Licence arrangements.

- Software contracts.

- Technology licences.

- Data protection agreements.

To talk to us about your commercial contracts, please call us on +44 203 026 0300.

What gives us the edge?

We are a boutique firm with City law expertise. Our lawyers all have years of experience in complex, cross-border, high-value matters.  However, unlike many law firms, many members of our team have experience in creating start-ups, obtaining finance, and selling a business.  We know the pressures you face, the opportunities that can present themselves, and the need to action matters fast.  Our ethos focuses on building deep relationships with our clients, truly understanding their business and market sector, and celebrating their success.

The advice we give is sharp, practical, and bespoke to your commercial objectives. Our agility and investment in technology mean many of our processes are automated, reducing fees, and ensuring your investment as our client is primarily directed towards acquiring our expertise, getting solutions to your problems, and putting you in a position to action opportunities.

What does a legally binding contract need to include?

For a contract to be legally binding it must have the following:

- An offer,

- Acceptance

- Consideration

- An intention to create legal relations,

- Certainty of terms.

All factors are equally important, as Lord Justice Maugham pointed out in Foley v Classique Coaches Ltd [1934] 2 KB 1) when he said:

"…unless all the material terms of a contract are agreed, there is no binding obligation.”

Contrary to popular belief, a contract does not need to be in writing; however, it is extremely challenging to enforce a verbal contract as it is difficult to establish certainty of terms.

What is the difference between express and implied terms?

One of the reasons it is essential to take legal advice when drafting a contract is that commercial agreement can include both express and implied terms.  Express terms are those that are stated in the agreement.  Implied terms are those that have not been expressly agreed by the parties but are applied by theCourt.  A term could be implied based on:

- Industry-specific customs.

- How the parties have dealt with each other in the past.

- The intention of the parties (known as a term implied ‘in fact’).

- Where a term is necessary for a particular type of contract.

Because we act as a partner rather than simply a legal advisor, we ensure that we not only understand your business but also your market sector.  Therefore, you can be confident that our drafting and advice considers the various implied terms that may apply to your agreements, thereby mitigating the risk of a contractual dispute developing.

To make an appointment with one of our Commercial Contract Solicitors, please call us in complete confidence on +44 203 026 0300.

Call us in complete confidence to make an appointment with one of our sollicitors
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Our experienced lawyers 'on the ground' have extensive knowledge of local and international markets and the associated challenges our clients face, wherever they occur. This means we have the knowledge, experience and resources to address our clients restructuring and insolvency needs, wherever they choose to do business. We listen to our clients to understand their business objectives and restructuring needs and pride ourselves on developing innovative restructuring solutions that deliver real commercial results. Our clients benefit from our national and international expertise and resources, coordinated and delivered locally through our network of offices across the UK.

We advise clients on all aspects of restructuring and insolvency, whether in anticipation of them or in dealing with their consequences. Our expertise extends to advising clients on any contentious issues arising from restructurings and insolvencies, including investigations, litigation and enforcement.

Our clients range from debt and equity investors to executives of underperforming businesses and accountants engaged in restructuring and recovery work. We also advise financial institutions in leveraged, syndicated, club and bilateral matters. Our personal insolvency team deals with complex, cross-border bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements.

We also have long-standing relationships with the principal professional advisers in the market, be they accountants, restructuring advisory firms, distressed real estate consultants or fixed charge receivers.

Our established reputation in corporate and finance work is confirmed by our City Firm expertise and cross-border, high value experience.

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