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Experienced M&A solicitors, getting the best outcomes for small, medium and large cap transactions.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are far more than simply ‘doing a deal’.  They involve building a relationship between the parties.  Our London-based M&A Solicitors do more than provide legal advice – we act as your long-term partner, identifying opportunities, managing risk, and protecting your interests.

When advising on M&A transactions, we will ensure you benefit from extensive due diligence and carefully drafted contracts.  Many of our clients have been with us since the startup stage, a fact that demonstrates the depth of our relationships and commitment to working as a partnership to help you achieve the results you want.Elements of M&A transactions must be completed at speed.  You can be confident that we will meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations at every stage of the deal.

To talk to us about mergers and acquisitions, please call us on +44 203 026 0300.

What gives us the edge?

We are a boutique firm with City law expertise.  Our lawyers all have years of experience in complex, cross-border, high-value matters.  However, unlike many law firms, several members of our team have experience in creating start-ups, obtaining finance, and selling a business.  We know the pressures you face, the opportunities that can present themselves, and the need to action matters fast.  Our ethos focuses on building deep relationships with our clients, truly understanding their business and market sector, and celebrating their success. The advice we give is sharp, practical, and bespoke to your commercial objectives. Our agility and investment in technology mean many of our processes are automated, reducing fees and ensuring your investment as our client is primarily directed towards acquiring our expertise, getting solutions to your problems, and putting you in a position to action opportunities.

What are the advantages of an M&A?

M&A transactions are complex and at times, stressful (although by instructing us, your stress will be significantly reduced).  Therefore, you must be clear on the commercial advantages an M&A provides.  Benefits include:

• Gaining the resources, expertise, and contacts required to increase market share and/or expand into international markets.
• Obtaining a competitors client list.
• Increasing the value of the company to benefit shareholder value.
• Acquire new product lines or the skills and resources needed to develop them.
• Allow shareholders who want to sell their shares to exit.

What due diligence is required in an M&A?

Due diligence is a vital part of any M&A.  You need to understand everything about what you are buying.  Failure to undertake extensive due diligence is one of the main causes of M&A- related disputes.  
M&A due diligence comprises multiple investigations into the following areas:

• Operations – who are the employees and management?  What is the legal structure of the business and how many shares are issued?  You will also need to understand the sales and new product development and what insurances are in place.
• Financials – what are the current assets and liabilities, tax status, revenue and profit projections, and loans and mortgages?
• Legal – are there any current or potential legal disputes?  You will also need to examine and understand the scope of any IP protection in place, the commercial contracts, terms and conditions, and supplier agreements.
• Strategic and commercial – how much market share does the company enjoy, is there scope for international expansion, and who are the competitors?

The above is not an exhaustive list.  Our M&A lawyers will undertake the necessary due diligence specific to your bespoke requirements.  We do not follow checklists, instead, we develop an understanding of your business and investigate not only the basics but aspects of the purchase or merger that apply to your sector.  

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