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The UK has been one of the leading innovators in contributing to industrial decarbonisation, renewable energy and low carbon manufacturing. These industries are currently valued at £42.6bn forecast to grow at three times the rate of the national average for industry. All over the world, our Clean & Renewable Energy Practice Group has deep experience assisting clients with their business and regulatory affairs in the Cleantech sector. We help renewable and sustainabiliy startups, developers, producers and distributors secure rights, financing and partnerships. Our lawyers have extensive expertise guiding clients through complex regulatory issues involving environmental legislation and emissions trading.

Farha's specialist cleantech practice delivers efficient, expert legal advice for businesses busy fighting climate change.

Our lawyers are specialists in carbon capture and have helped our clients raise more than $50 million.

We help entrepreneurs start businesses that will make our planet healthier and safer for future generations. You can count on us to provide you with expert legal counsel so your business has every opportunity to succeed. And we'll do it at affordable rates because being green is not just good for the environment - it's also smart business sense!

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