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Developments and opportunities for FinTech and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchain are rapidly accelerating alongside customer demand for faster, safer, and more flexible financial services.  Our clients are not only focused on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple they are at the forefront of developing and utilising innovation.  This includes applying FinTech and DLT to improve aspects of life science (especially in identity management platforms), real estate and construction (via smart contracts), supply chains, and even regulatory compliance itself (RegTech).  

Many law firms claim to understand and advise on FinTech and Blockchain matters.  But our strengths lie in the fact our knowledge and experience goes far beyond basic understanding.  We have contacts in the technology, banking, engineering, and academic sectors and can quickly assemble a team to provide advice on conceptual as well as practical matters.  We are always a step ahead of the regulators and will partner with you long term as your business/project successfully grows.

To enquire about our FinTech and Blockchain services, please call us on +44 203 026 0300.

By helping you navigate a progressive regulatory environment, we ensure that not only are you fully compliant with FCA, SEC and other enforcement bodies’ requirements, should you receive a regulatory request for information, our team will swiftly be at your side, protecting your interests and mitigating any risk of a formal investigation developing.  

We can provide best in class advice and representation on:

  • Valuation of crypto assets
  • Due diligence
  • Staking
  • Security Token Offerings (STO) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) (including reviewing and/or drafting whitepapers and the terms and conditions of token and coin platform exchanges).
  • Anti-money laundering compliance

We help companies from multiple sectors understand how DLT can benefit their business and develop dynamic strategies to ensure they are ready to seize existing and future opportunities.  

Creating robust ecosystems

A blockchain’s value multiplies as people and industries embrace it.  Participants in the blockchain’s ecosystem must agree to a set of standards that define the business model and set up clear community contribution guidelines.  With our team’s wealth of experience, we will advise you on defining a vision for your project that you can sell to stakeholders.  We will then partner with you to draft guidelines, a code of ethics, and a risk management strategy – ensuring the message is consistent throughout all your documents.  

Open banking and digital-only banking

Having worked in finance and corporate law for many years, every one of our team has in-depth knowledge of the FinTech sector, including how it is regulated and the opportunities and challenges startups and established businesses face.  We can assist you with understanding regulatory compliance around open banking and digital-only banking, two of the biggest growth areas in the FinTech space.

What gives us the edge?

We are a boutique firm with City law expertise.  Our lawyers all have years of experience in complex, cross-border, high-value matters.  However, unlike many law firms, several members of our team have experience in creating start-ups and obtaining finance.  We know the pressures you face, the opportunities that can present themselves, and the need to action matters fast.  Our ethos focuses on building deep relationships with our clients, truly understanding their business and market sector, and celebrating their success.

The advice we give is sharp, practical, and bespoke to your commercial ambitions. Our agility and investment in technology mean many of our processes are automated, reducing fees and ensuring your investment as our client is primarily directed towards acquiring our expertise, getting solutions to your problems, and putting you in a position to action opportunities.

To talk make an appointment with one of our Fintech and Blockchain Solicitors please phone us on +44 203 026 0300.

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