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Experienced and confident legal representation for fundraising businesses

Ready to apply for your next round of funding, Seed; Series A and onwards? Congratulations! This next stage requires experienced and well-connected angel and institutional investors who have often successfully built and sold start-ups themselves.  Funding is everything to growing businesses and you a law firm that will partner with you, arm you with the knowledge and confidence required, and help you close investment empowering your startup to provide an ROI.

Our approach is traditionally broken down into 5 flexible stages.

1. Intro – a friendly introduction with our Managing Partner, fundraising team and entrepreneur in residence (*)
2. Assess – after the intro we will work with you to assess that we are the right lawyers for you, and that you are the right client for us. We pride ourselves on building close relationships with founders and management  
3. Prepare – one of the advantages of working with Farha, is that many individuals in our team have been founders themselves, successfully raising money and exiting businesses, this means we are extremely well equipped to support, guide and consult you and your business as you proceed with your fundraise. In addition we showcase our clients to a wide network of investors to make sure you get optimal exposure
4. Pitch – we work closely with your business to perfect your pitch and supporting materials, Farha is a digital first firm and we create bespoke ‘pitch-rooms’ for your business to share with prospective investors. Pitch rooms enabled secure file sharing, due diligence and transparent collaboration between founders, individuals and institutions
5. Close – Our leading Venture Capital Solicitors will ensure that your business, and your interests as founders, are well protected from beginning to end.
You can rely on our experience to ensure every stage in the lifecycle of your fundraise is rock solid. Farha provides experienced, clear advice and a hands-on approach to ensure your fundraise is effective and successful. Furthermore, our wide network of Angels, VCs and other institutions alongside our best-in-class Venture Capital Solicitors in London will ensure your interests are protected from the beginning.  

To talk to us about fundraising through venture capitalists or angel investors, please call us on +44 203 026 0300.

Every person in our team is an expert in driving startups forward through each stage of their lifecycles.  Founders are not simply clients to us – we partner with you and work determinedly to provide you with the knowledge needed to approach and secure funding at every stage.  By instructing us, you can trust that our Series A-C fundraising Solicitors believe 100% in your company and will tenaciously ensure you achieve your commercial ambitions.

What gives us the edge?

We are a boutique firm with City law expertise.  Our lawyers all have years of experience in complex, cross-border, high-value matters.  However, unlike many law firms, several members of our team have experience in creating start-ups and obtaining finance.  We know the pressures you face, the opportunities that can present themselves, and the need to action matters fast.  Our ethos focuses on building deep relationships with our clients, truly understanding their business and market sector, and celebrating their success.

The advice we give is sharp, practical, and bespoke to your commercial objectives. Our agility and investment in technology mean many of our processes are automated, reducing fees and ensuring your investment as our client is primarily directed towards acquiring our expertise, getting solutions to your problems, and putting you in a position to action opportunities.

When should I apply for funding?

There is no definite answer as to when it is time to apply for funding.  Here are a few indicators that your startup is at a place where an angel investor and/or venture capitalist will consider following up your initial approach:
• You have an established business model that can be quickly scaled up and adapted to fit the changing needs of the company as it grows.
• You know where your company fits in the market sector and where your potential customers are and how to reach them.
• The revenue you are generating is on a smaller scale than what you could manage should you get the investment you are asking for.
• You have taken expert advice on coming to a realistic valuation for your company.
• You have the necessary legal and compliance measures in place; for example, a Shareholders’ Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Commercial Contracts, Employment Contracts, and Risk Assessments (these could include data protection, health and safety, and /or money laundering, depending on what is relevant to your business sector).
As your partner, we will ensure you are in a strong position to apply for funding.  We work with our clients long term and to this end, we have a wealth of contacts we can introduce you to if you need further support to reach the post-seed funding stage.  Our team will also advise on and draft the documents and contracts you require to show potential investors you are a well-organised, professional business that will take care of their investment funds.

What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck comprises around 19 slides that clearly explain your business concept/idea to investors.  It must clarify why your start-up matters, details about your product/service, the problem it solves for consumers, financial information, an explanation of what funding will be used for, and a call to action to invest.
Your pitch deck should include the following slides:
• Introduction (make sure this includes branding)
• Vision and value proposition
• A problem that needs a solution
• How your company provides the solution
• Target market and opportunities for growth
• Business model and roadmap
• Financials (with charts or graphs)
• Employees and their bios
• Call for investment with how it will be used and benefits for investors

The best way to create a winning pitch deck is to look at examples from successful companies.

As part of understanding your business, our Solicitors will become an expert in your company and the market it operates in.  We will then create a dynamic strategy to ensure you move successfully through all the fundraising stages.

To talk to us about fundraising, please call us on +44 203 026 0300.

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