Specialist legal advisors to the technology and finance sectors

Our specialist practice spans venture capital, M&A and debt and leveraged finance.

We build deep relationships with our best in class clients helping them to finance research, innovation and growth.


What services do we offer?

Our practise is focused on serving key stakeholders through the corporate lifecycle. Starting from the very first equity fundraise, to a billion dollar leveraged buyout, we are building our team to service our clients needs from incorporation to exit.

Our specialist services include:

  • Banking
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Private Equity fundraising
  • Venture Capital
  • Mergers & Aquisitions
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Company Secretarial
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • FinTech and Blockchain
  • Intellectual Property
  • Restructuring

Our team have backgrounds in leading global law firms. We use our expertise to drive excellent client outcomes and focus on delivering value for our clients.


We help clients to start, fund, grow and exit high growth technology companies

If you are a founder, investor or team member looking to start, fund, grow or exit a high growth technology business, then you can take confidence that our team have market leading experience advising some of the world’s most promising technology businesses. In many cases, we’ve been accompanying our clients as advisors, board members, investors and stakeholders from idea stage through to exit. The firm has a unique insight into the challenges our clients are facing as they lead their companies from incorporation to exit.

How do we work?

We operate in small, dedicated teams, using technology to provide a best in class client experience.

We are outcomes focused, and our practise was built upon the principles of lean lawyering for clients looking to cover ground quickly.

We build deep relationships with our clients, understanding their businesses in as much detail as possible, including by advising management teams, boards and even on occasion becoming investors.

We are passionate about working with the clients who are best in class in their fields, and about being best in class in our own.

Our clients come to us to help them grow, manage their stakeholder relationships and build out their governance and infrastructure to support their development.

We love to be advisers, friends and strategic partners to our clients, providing an ‘always on’ support function for legal and transactional needs.



We provide world leading transactional legal services to financial instutions, non-bank lenders, corporates and high growth technology businesses.

We pride ourselves in our commercial outlook, low cost operating model and the quality and success of our clients.

Our experience is in complex, cross-border and high-value matters and we intentionally work with a smaller number of clients so that we can provide an exceptional service.

We specialise in finding practical solutions for complex problems in equity, debt and capital markets fundraising for clients that are leading their industries.

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