Corporate & Corporate Finance lawyers for high-growth businesses

Our specialist practice spans M&A, venture capital, venture debt, debt and leveraged finance.

We build deep relationships with our best-in-class clients helping them to finance research, innovation and growth.


What services do we offer?

We are an equity and debt fundraising boutique law firm. We focus on advising our clients from pre-seed investment rounds and beyond on all corporate and commercial matters. We generally act for companies raising equity, convertible or venture debt from family offices, venture capital funds and high net worth individuals. We take a very targeted approach to client selection to ensure that we work on the matters where we can drive the most value for our clients.

Our specialist services include:

  • Pre-seed, seed and Series A Investment Rounds
  • Convertible loan notes, SAFEs, advanced subscription agreements and other bridge financing tools
  • Shareholder Agreements and Articles of Association
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (in particular acting for exiting founding teams)
  • Company secretarial support on all corporate actions

How do we work?

We are used to working with early stage and high growth businesses. We offer a full range of services, including a menu of fixed price ‘off-the-peg’ solutions that allow our lawyers to focus their talents on your core needs. A fixed price gives certainty to both sides and ensures we are aligned. Our thoughtfully developed intake processes ensure we minimise back and forth, saving you time and allowing us to deliver a dedicated fixed price service that will surprise and delight with speed and quality of its execution. Some of our fixed price services are set out below.

Find out more: Read about our fees

We help clients to start, fund, grow and exit high growth companies

If you are a founder, investor or team member looking to start, fund, grow or exit a high growth business, then you can take confidence that our team have market leading experience advising some of the world’s most promising businesses. In many cases, we’ve been accompanying our clients as advisors, board members, investors and stakeholders from idea stage through to exit. The firm has a unique insight into the challenges our clients are facing as they lead their companies from incorporation to exit.


Why do our clients choose us?

  • Farha is a specialist corporate legal adviser to founder-led businesses in technology, industry and services. It is all we do
  • Our business is personal – see “About James Farha” on this website
  • Our offering is unbeatable in terms of legal know-how, service delivery, commercial acumen, personal experience, and relationship building
  • Our City-standard expertise may be available elsewhere – but only at City prices
  • Our relationship-building is unlikely to be available elsewhere – as a business founder himself, James Farha offers agility and flexibility that large law firms cannot offer
  • James Farha and his team roll their sleeves up – you get real-world support rather than merely text-book legal advice
  • We are proud to call many of our clients friends, as we work to build close and lasting personal relationships with their management, board and founders
  • We advise the same teams through multiple successful ventures – taking their businesses from birth to growth to exit
  • Our business has been built on word-of-mouth and on our commitment to our clients is to give them an experience worth recommending
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Farha is a member and code signatory of Global Digital Finance (GDF.io)