What if your lawyers were building your business with you?


Are you building a business and looking for a legal partner that is interested in something other than their fees? Do you need a commercial advisor with a broad view of the market who can help you make the right decisions, service your investors and grow your business while remaining compliant and keeping control of your legal spending? Are you looking for a high level of service, value driven fees and a clear and plain English understanding of your business? 

Farha & Associates was founded in 2015 by James Farha to help more businesses start, grow and thrive in the UK. James has set the goal for his business to have a measurable impact on the number of SMEs still in business after 5 years, over the period 2016-2026. James and his team of ex-City lawyers have developed a unique practise designed to help businesses to achieve their goals faster, safer and more effectively. All of the team have experience in small firms, and the team have formulated their own unique perspective on the startup and SME legal market.

By providing as much value as they can to their clients through reports, seminars, newsletters and other materials, Farha & Associates understands that the relationship between a lawyer and their client is unique to each customer and cultivates its relationships over time. By tailoring the service to each unique client, building strong long term relationships and getting to understand their business as closely as possible, James's team makes every effort to be different and better than any other lawyers working with SMEs in the UK. 

When James left his job in the City of London, working on private equity transactions sometimes valued into the billions of euros, he knew that the best application of his new-found skills would be in supporting founders who are putting themselves at risk to grow new ideas, build new industries and change the world in their image, one product at a time. Since 2015, James has dedicated himself to making the law accessible, innovating in every area of the legal process. Farha & Associates is a law firm that aims to be more like it's clients than any other, to align itself more closely to its clients needs and to strive with its clients, the great strivers of the business world, to change things, to grow and to thrive. James understands what makes a small business work, how to market his business, how to sell to small business owners. 

"When I started the firm, I really didn't know what I was doing. I had just left the City where I worked in a team of lawyers with an endless flow of work and not enough people. I joked that I couldn't have been fired because there was no one there to replace me. Overnight, I went from more work than I could do in a day, to no clients, no business and no idea where to start. 2 years later, we've helped over 200 clients, built a business around trust, and quality of service and started to change the way our clients consume legal services (and in some cases started them consuming for the first time). I couldn't be happier with the progress we've made The lessons we've learned in building our business can be applied to our clients' businesses as well. That's the difference we strive to make for our clients. Providing correct legal advice is just the baseline. Of course you want correct legal advice. It's everything else we do, that makes our service special, its all of the other insights into market standard terms, investors and our straight talking advice that makes the difference between our lawyers and other lawyers who say they are in the same markets as us."

- James Farha, Founder, Farha & Associates

The truth is, you might not need to instruct a lawyer. Many of our clients have backgrounds in consulting, accounting and executive roles in some of the biggest companies in the world. They know how to negotiate deals far larger than the ones their new businesses are building, but they turn to Farha & Associates for market insight, direct commercial knowledge, and a level of execution they are used to from dealing in their corporate careers with the biggest law firms in the world. 

If you are thinking of raising a funding round, launching a new product, or even selling your business, don't take the first steps without speaking with one of our team. We will tell you what you need to know before you take those crucial first steps that will set up your deal for success or failure.

We will provide you with the understanding of the SEIS, EIS tax advantages, entrepreneur's relief, explain the term sheet drafting and negotiation process, provide you with market data and insights on key terms, and if you would like us to, manage the negotiation and closing of your investment round, business or asset sale, or to support your sales team in making business to business sales as you build the business.

You can use the form below to tell us about your business, what your aims are, and if you have an immediate problem you can tell us about that (if not, we still want to hear from you). No matter what stage you are at in starting, growing or selling your business, we are here to support you all the way, whether you become a client or not. 

We wish you a profitable and fast growing year. 

 - James and the team at Farha & Associates

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